Please use this form to pay for Hebrew School Tuition

Tuition Agreement

Tuition for the year, per child:
PreK-2: $900
3-8: $1,375
Please check box with your choice for method of payment.
Prepayment in full by the first day of school (save $50/child)
Pay ½ of tuition by the first day of school and ½ by January 15.
Pay in 10 payments - September through June
Method of payment:
Credit Card. Please note a 3% Credit Card fee that we incur will be added to your total.
Other as arranged with the office.
Please mail checks to Gan Israel Hebrew School ATTN Chanie Baron 770 Howes Lane Columbia, MD 21044 or bring to school when you drop off your child(ren).
Child 1 Cost:
Child 2 Cost:
Child 3 Cost:


Tuition Payment by Credit Card
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